OUR STORY From humble beginnings
to making global impact

Stretch Creative came about almost by accident because of old connections, enduring relationships, aligning stars, and the unshakable belief that people who create the words and graphics that fuel commerce should be paid their worth — and the businesses that need content should get exactly what they want without having to pay exorbitantly for it.


At Stretch, our product is our people. Our creatives are leaders in their craft, and they’re stand-out humans. We don’t hide them behind a platform and a pseudonym. As an independent agency, we empower our creatives to communicate and collaborate with you and your team. Our internal processes are fully transparent — writers, editors, designers, and project managers meet weekly on Zoom, communicate daily on Slack, and have access to the resources and support they need to create innovative brand stories that engage and excite your audience and drive results. 

OUR VALUE Doing the right thing
at the right time


Open communication among clients, production teams, and creatives result in superior content.


Projects change and evolve, and we change and evolve with them — flexibility is our natural state of being. We approach change with an open mind and a positive, professional mindset. There’s nothing we can’t roll with.


We’re open and honest with our clients and creatives. You’ll never get the runaround with Stretch. We nurture a safe, inclusive work environment and a culture of honesty.


We take ownership of our words and actions. We take full responsibility when we make mistakes, and we do what needs to be done to make things right — by our clients, our creatives, and our support staff.

Social Responsibility

We treat clients and creatives fairly. We’re not out to gouge our clients just because we call ourselves a “studio.” And we’re not out to pay our writers as little as possible to bolster our bottom line. We strive for balance — and we produce content that’s well-researched, accurate, and meaningful.


At Stretch Creative, we love what we do, and we have fun doing it — and it shows in our internal work relationships, our client relationships, and the content we produce.

If you’re going to invest time and money in a content partner, you shouldn’t have to chase after content — and when you get it, you shouldn’t have to rewrite a single word. Our production methodology helps us nail it from the get-go, and it keeps everything running like clockwork.

  • Pre-project Consultation

    Our production team meets with you to define your needs, desired outcome, budget, and timeline. We put together a glossy deck with all the gory details, including pricing, workflow, and key players on the Stretch team. Once our teams arrive at a mutual agreement and give it the virtual handshake, we’re out of the gate and on our way!

  • Develop Project Brief and Style Guide

    Our talented managing editor meets with your team to dig into the details and develop a project brief and style guide (if you don’t already have them). This helps your Stretch writing team produce consistent, high-quality content that’s exactly what you’re looking for in branding, tone, voice, and purpose.

  • Assemble Your Team of Creatives

    With the details ironed out and style guide and briefs in hand, we assemble your team of fabulously talented writers and editors who have experience and passion in your vertical. Our designers are always standing by if you’d like to add mind-blowing graphics.

  • Pre-Production Alignment

    We like to walk before we run. Before we ramp-up to full speed, our writers will complete a few pieces, and we’ll ask for your feedback. We want you to be ruthless (but nicely, of course!) We’ll use your feedback to really dial it in so that the content we create is exactly what you want. Then, when you love what you see, we enter full production mode — and hit it out of the park.

  • Writers Write, Editors Edit, Designers Design, & Managers Manage

    Here’s where we make the magic happen! Our (fully customizable) four-step approach to creating publish-ready content involves writing, proofing, editing, and optimizing. Our process is smooth and sweet like a symphony, and that’s because our dedicated project managers are behind the scenes, master conductors orchestrating the whole thing. The result is content delivered right on time, just the way you want it — music to your ears.

  • Ongoing Calibration and Feedback

    We never stop stretching the limits — and that’s why we’re so incredibly flexible. As the project moves forward, we like to meet with your team periodically. Depending on a bunch of factors, these check-ins may include our head of production, the project manager, and your writing, editing, design, and QA teams. Your ongoing feedback and project updates continue to shape the content and enable our creatives to hone their skills, adapt to ever-changing needs and strategies, and continue to deliver dazzling copy that’s always fresh, engaging, and ready to publish.