About Hannah Parks

What inspires you?


I am inspired by anyone who was told “no” or “it’s not possible”, but they did it anyway, and in doing so made it possible for others after them. I have so much respect for social justice warriors and people who push the envelope all around the world. They always remind me that if we can imagine something, it’s possible. and that if it’s fair and good, it’s worth fighting for. We just have to make it happen.


What’s one fictional place you would visit?


One fictional place I would visit is the world of Greek mythology. As a kid, I knew all the gods, goddesses, demi-gods, the great heroes, and their stories. I could even recite the stories of which constellations were related to which myth. I loved that there was a magical story to explain everything.


What are your hobbies?


My hobbies include theater, hiking, and traveling. I am an adventure seeker and love to experience and see new things. I love doing things that make me feel connected – to others, to nature, and to myself.


What can’t you live without?


I can’t live without my morning coffee, whether it be a frothy cappuccino to-go from the Indonesian coffee shop on my block, or an aromatic French pressed brew at home. I may be a coffee snob but I’ll take it in whatever form it is given to me. My loved ones may say I have a problem, but as I see it, if we are allowed one addiction in life, I am perfectly content with my brew.








I always knew I wanted to write. Having grown up in seven countries, I loved capturing the commonalities of the human spirit through storytelling. In college, I majored in Literature and triple minored in Journalism, History, and Theater. I then delved into social work for a while and found that I often used the art of storytelling to bring people together. So I went back to writing, and while my passion still lies in empowering others, my vocation now lies in amplifying others’ voices with the written word.