About Jeanine Gordon

What am I most proud of?


The thing I’m most proud of in my life is following my passions, even when they weren’t the most practical choices. Moving to Vancouver on my own when I was 18 without knowing a single soul, majoring in Women’s Studies rather than something more “useful,” or starting out as a professional writer when there were “real jobs” out there. It turned out to be a winning strategy because I’m living a life I love with a career that I adore, and calling my own shots. Way to go, me!


What inspires me?


I am inspired by all things fashion. Getting dressed, expressing my style, or following along with Paris fashion week – I’ve been obsessed since I snuck a copy of Vogue out of the reception area at my mom’s office when I was seven. I was too young to read most of it, but the images sparked what would become a lifelong love story. Still a fashion legend at age 98, the words of style icon, Iris Apfel, say it all: “More is more, and less is a bore.”


My guilty pleasure is…


My guilty pleasure is one that I’m not guilty about at all: champagne! I’m not a believer in saving things for special occasions. In the same way that I use my wedding china to serve grilled cheese sandwiches to my kids, I believe that it’s never the wrong time to crack open a bottle and toast to the ordinary. I love the sound of a cork popping on an average Tuesday night, raising a glass with a friend for absolutely no reason, and the effervescent bubbles that turn any moment into a chance to celebrate.


What fictional place I want to visit.


One fictional place I would visit is Palfrey’s Pond, where Stephanie, Rachel, and Alison live in Judy Blume’s Just As Long As We’re Together. I still have my copy from when I was 10 – the cover has disappeared and it’s held together with tape, and I’ll keep it forever. There’s something new that surprises me every time I read it, which I still often do as an adult.




I’m a lifelong creative with a passion for using my words to form connections and make readers feel seen and heard – that’s the secret sauce. Sometimes I write for global brands and sometimes I write for the smallest of start-ups, but I believe that all content is important content. Product descriptions, news articles, brand strategy, or blog posts – nothing is sexier than great copy.