About Laura Anne

Where is your favourite place to hang-out?


My favourite place to hang out is anywhere in between the ocean and the mountains.


What’s the best advice you’ve been given?


The best advice I have been given is, “Just try it. You can always change your mind.”


What’s one thing you can’t live without?


I can’t live without my family.


Where is one fictional place you would visit?


One fictional place I would visit is Hogwarts.








My background is in education. I’ve worked with children since I was a teenager, particularly focusing on elementary classroom teaching, inclusive education (previously known as special education), reading support specialist, and therapeutic programs for children who experience Autism and other developmental delays/disorders. My Master’s degree focused on a thesis and the creation of a resource for educators to learn more about how to be proactively trauma-informed. Within these roles I have created written and visual resources for students, teachers, educational assistants, and parents. I have also had experience writing real estate listings and Air BnB listings. I’m a new mom who has an interest in A LOT of different areas, so dipping my toes in the water with freelance writing will allow me to more deeply explore more of these areas of interest.