Our Approach to SEO Writing for Ecommerce

At Stretch, our company ethos is built on how we can better the lives of every member of our company. How can we all bring value to each other—answer a question or help solve a problem. 

We take a very similar approach to how we write ecommerce SEO content for our clients. Your customers are not the search engines. Your customers are human beings. They have values, beliefs and want to spend their money with companies that align with those. 

Our focus when we write SEO Ecommerce content is listed in priority:

  • Aligning content to your brand and voice guidelines. 
  • Speaking to your audience in a language that resonates with them and gives the answer that they seek. 
  • Optimizing your content for keywords, keyphrases, H-tags, and meta descriptions.

Our Ecommerce SEO Content Services

Our team at Stretch has been fortunate enough to write content with consumers' most beloved brands; from Fortune 500 Ecommerce companies to emerging DNVB’s (Digitally Native Vertical Brands) and DTC brands. 

The types of Ecommerce SEO content that we help stretch the boundaries on are (but not limited to):

  • Category/PLP Pages
  • Education Articles
  • Hub-and-Spoke SEO Content
  • Buying Guides
  • Product Reviews - Yes, we actually test your products and write authentic reviews.
  • Blogs

Looking to Hire Ecommerce SEO Writers? 

If you’re reading this, you’re likely looking to hire freelance SEO copywriters or engage with an agency to help support your current or future initiatives. 

Let us save you the trouble and frustration of going through a freelance writing platform—trust us, our staff and creatives have worked as writers, editors and support staff on these platforms. Think of it like going to a buffet (freelance writing platforms) or experiencing a fine-dining restaurant (Stretch). At the buffet, you might time your visit right and get some hot food that’s fresh and tastes good, or, you’ll have the experience of getting food that’s been left out for hours, tastes okay because you were hungry, and walk away unsatisfied—yuck. 

When you collaborate and partner with our team at Stretch to write SEO ecommerce content. You’ll find that the experience is like a fine-dining restaurant. You can tailor your meals to your liking, it comes fresh, the way you want and love it, and you’ll always walk away feeling satisfied and excited to come back. 

Book a Call With Our SEO Content Services Team

When you schedule a call with Stretch, we don’t have you meet with a salesperson. We have our Editor-in-Chief and Head of Production meet with you to understand your SEO objectives, goals, and who your audience is. 

We seek to understand not sell. 

If you’re ready, reach out to us today!

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