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Increase trust, engagement, and brand recognition with design that’s always on-brand.

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  • Infographics & Illustration +-

    Our talented designers turn complicated data or ideas into relatable, visually appealing graphics to inform, inspire, and educate your audience.

  • Social media carousels +-

    Carousels are a popular way to present images or infographics narratively to tell a story. We’ll create engaging, sharable carousels for your social channels that’ll inform and entertain your audience.

  • Product photography +-

    Exceptional product photography is the backbone of a successful e-comm. We’ll capture the essence of your products and highlight their features with stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression.

  • Lifestyle photography +-

    Leave it to our photographers to capture real moments that highlight the authenticity of your brand and connect with your audience in a memorable way.

  • Cartoons +-

    Leave a lasting impression with cartoons. Whether it’s meant to be funny, informative, or both, a cartoon gets the attention of your audience and tells a compelling story.

  • Publication design +-

    Turn text-heavy documents, from ebooks and whitepapers to manuals, reports, and style guides, into a visually appealing format that looks and reads like a magazine.

  • Logos & icons +-

    Increase brand recognition and enhance your content and credibility with graphics like logos and icons for your website, blog articles, or other assets.

  • Photo sourcing +-

    Need imagery for articles? We’ll find just the right photos — we can source them from your database, stock agency, or from a free stock service like Pexels or Unsplash.

Why Stretch?

As your flexible design partner, we can take on all of your brand’s needs for visual assets — or happily remain on-call for times when your internal design team is backlogged. Our editorial and design teams work together closely to produce written and visual content that’s on-voice and on-brand.

Stretch produced city guide editorial magazines for WeWork's North American, European and APAC regions.

Strengthen SEO

Google loves visual assets, which boost your SEO, and we’ve got the design talent you need to populate your content with charts and graphs, illustrations and infographics, and photographs. We’ve even got cartoonists, meme-o-philes, and GIF geeks whose work spices up the visitor experience and helps spur action.

Boost your brand

Solidify your brand identity with custom visuals that draw in your audience. Design elements speak to an entirely different part of the consumer brain than words do. Our talented creative design team thinks big and goes bold with on-brand artwork to illustrate your articles, design your reports, or spruce up your social campaigns.

One-off or at scale

Whether you need a one-off illustrated banner for an ad or a year’s worth of large spreads for a monthly magazine — or anything in between — our artists, designers, and photographers will execute visceral visuals that’ll transform your content and advance your vibe. We’ll work from your style guide — or, if you’d like, help you define your style.

Multiple formats

We’ll happily present your artful assets in multiple formats so you can maximize their mileage — and your design budget. We’re all about repurposing content, so we love turning an infographic for your blog into a social media carousel or reincorporating design elements from one asset into another to save you money and reinforce your brand.


  • What are the benefits of outsourcing design? +-

    Outsourcing design has a range of benefits. The cost of maintaining an in-house design team aside, outsourcing your design projects enables you to access a diverse pool of creative talent. Our roster of designers spans the spectrum, from up-and-coming talent to creatives with years of experience and an impressive portfolio to show for it. We can help you ideate, or we can take your brief and run with it. We’ll source and manage the talent — all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the fruits.

  • Is it better to hire a freelance graphic designer or an agency? +-

    Many companies prefer to hire freelancers over agencies because they feel they have more control over the vision of the project and the quality of the work. Others prefer working with an agency, since finding, hiring, onboarding, training, and managing freelancers is time-consuming and comes with a considerable administrative lift. Stretch offers the best of both worlds. Our highly collaborative approach ensures you end up with exactly what you want — and our creative pool spans the spectrum of design expertise and specialization (including videography), so whatever type of design assets you need, we have the talent who can create it.

  • How can professional graphic design benefit my brand's image? +-

    Professional graphic design brings cohesion to your brand image and helps build recognition and trust with your audience, making them more likely to engage with — and remember — your brand. From your website design and imagery to your logo and marketing materials, a consistent look and vibe flawlessly conveys the face you want to project to the world.

  • What is the typical process for working with your graphic design agency? +-

    Our design process begins with a thorough understanding of your brand image, values, and goals. We’ll collaborate closely with you every step of the way, whether we’re doing a simple project using your copy or ideating more complex concepts and writing the copy. We’ll revise and refine it until it’s just what you’d envisioned.

  • How long does it take to complete a graphic design project? +-

    The timeline for any graphic design project varies significantly based on its complexity. Simple projects like a logo or infographic might take a week or two, while more extensive projects, like an ebook, catalog, or magazine, can take several weeks. We’ll provide an estimated timeline at the start of your project and provide regular updates until delivery.

  • What if I already have an existing brand but want to refresh its look? +-

    Brand refreshes are right up our alley. Whether your branding needs a light retouch or a near-complete overhaul, we have designers and branding experts who can zhuzh your image and tone to better reflect your vibe and values — and help you speak more intimately to your audience.


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