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Effective email and social media campaigns require an expert hand that knows how to express a big idea in a small number of words. While that might sound easy, it takes a certain amount of finessing, finagling, and fitting words together to maximize their impact through rhythm, flow, subtext, and context. It’s the difference between shoving a bunch of clothes into a weekender bag and hoping for the best and carefully curating just the right pieces for your destination, folding them neatly, and packing them just so

Our expert social and email writers are a clever, cunning bunch who have a way with words and an instinct for picking the best ones for the job. They’re not just writers. They’re also adroit social media users and consumers who follow the trends and know what’s hot—and what’s not. If you want clever, compelling campaigns that inspire likes, shares, comments, and click-throughs, the Stretch team delivers. We can even align your blog content with your email and social media copy for a multidimensional approach to customer engagement.

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