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We choose our creative teams carefully. Do they share our values? Are they driven to create because their spirit compels them to? Do they love what they do, are they good at it, and do they want to get even better at it? If the answer is yes, you’ll find them right here, ready to crush it for you.
Chris Reid
Kelsi Carrell
Head of Operations
Jesse Galvon Reid
CPO – Chief People Officer
Kristen Bailey
Josh Wong
Director of Video Content
Jeanine Gordon
Managing Editor
Fiona Ferguson
Community & Recruitment Coordinator
Kristyn Pacione
Client Services
MacKenzie Sanford
Editor + Resource Coordinator
Jessica DeWolf
Lead Editor
Leslie Jeffries
Senior Copywriter
Jodi Noblett
Chelsey Moore
Lauren Gargiulo
Gillian Beckett
Kristin Kizer
Hannah Parks
Michele Fair
Nikki Smith
Phoenix Griffin
Nova Sawatzky
Monica Valhauer
Laura Anne
Rebecca Phillips
Vicki Duong
Julie Bruns
Eva Kurilova

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You love to tell a good story

You dig around for the relatable bits and have a talent for making the most boring things interesting. You value content that’s truthful, useful, and helpful. To you, writing is art—you care about rhythm and flow and choosing words that say exactly what you mean for them to say.

You really know how to read a room

The first thing you do when you sit down to write about a topic is read the audience. What might they have typed into the search bar that led them here? Go out there and sit with them. Get into their head. What do they want to know? How can you present the information in a way that best answers their questions or helps them solve a problem?

You go down the rabbit hole

You don’t just want to write an assignment from a brief. You’re curious — you want to understand all of the whys, wherefores, and how-tos, just for the joy of knowing. You can’t help but follow the research into dusty corners, and you always bring back loads of relevant information that you artfully distill for readers looking for answers.

You want to be a better writer

You love feedback, because it makes you a better, more effective writer. You crave camaraderie, and you like having other creatives nearby to bounce ideas around, debate the Oxford comma, and share writing tips and tricks with.
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