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Whether you’re a retailer or DTC brand, the various types of content on your site can mean the difference between just doing okay and positively thriving. We craft e-commerce content that’s on-brand, optimized, and centered on storytelling so that your existing and potential customers will feel a personal connection and make their purchase with confidence (and excitement!) Great e-commerce content drives conversion rates up and return rates down. 


  • Product descriptions. The very last bit of content your customers see before they click “buy” should convince them that they’re making the right choice.
  • Category and brand pages. The more great info you give your customers about your product brands and categories, the more likely they are to buy. We fully align these pages with your SEO strategy.
  • Articles and blogs. Reader engagement is everything when it comes to blogs and articles. We write thoroughly researched, well-organized, and fully optimized copy that speaks directly to your target audience, keeps them your site, and gives them something of value to walk away with.
  • Buying guides. Rich, romantic copy with accurate, useful information educates and inspires your customers, driving them to click “buy.”
  • Amazon product copy
  • Retailer copy


02Ecommerce SEO Content

Your content represents your business, your brand and speaks your story to the millions of people searching for the products and services you offer. When you’re planning your SEO strategy, it’s not just about researching the proper keywords that will help you rank on Google. Your customers or potential customers that reach you through search are shopping for the products and services that will answer a question, solve a problem, or bring them value.






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