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Google's message on SEO is crystal clear: No matter how "optimized" your content is, it won't perform to its potential if it isn't fundamentally helpful to begin with.

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How we can help you with your SEO and content strategy

  • Keyword research +-

    Success in SEO starts with the right keywords. Our SEO team does a deep dive into your niche to uncover the keywords most relevant to your audience. We pay attention to context, search intent, and the story the keywords tell.

  • Content strategy +-

    A content strategy based on keywords still needs to have an editorial flow. We’ll help you design a comprehensive strategy with the big picture in mind. Our holistic approach considers organization, inter-linking, and funnel position — and the resulting body of work has a logical flow, meets reader intent, and spurs action

  • SEO content briefs +-

    Success in SEO starts with the right keywords and a solid strategy — but it doesn’t end there. We’ll take your keywords (or do the research for you) and create editorial briefs that help our writers produce comprehensive, reader-friendly articles that are genuinely helpful and authentically authoritative.

  • Audits & analyses +-

    Our internal SEO team provides insight and expert advice on improving the performance of your website and your content. Whatever information you need, we can deliver it with audits like a standalone keyword gap analysis, a link audit, and keyword performance tracking.

  • Article optimizations & rewrites +-

    If your existing content is a little rough around the edges — or it was last updated in 2015 — leave it to us to dust off the cobwebs and give it the head-to-toe SEO treatment and a good, old-fashioned spit-shine to clean it up and make it current, cohesive, relevant, and results-oriented

  • A/B testing +-

    Not sure why your content isn’t performing? We’ll help you gain insight into user behavior with A/B testing, then work with you to refine your site’s UX and improve content for a more satisfying experience and better search results.

  • CMS loading & optimizing +-

    Short on time, but long on content that’s gathering dust waiting to be loaded up? We’ll do it for you — our loaders will optimize your content in your CMS to fuel high rankings and speed up load times.

Why Stretch?

Our SEO experts know the ins and outs of keyword research and data analysis. Our editorial team is tuned into the human ethos and user experience. Together, they’re a perfect balance of science and art.

Ad hoc or at scale * No monthly minimums

SEO at any scale

Our holistic SEO solutions help you expand your online presence with a strategic approach. We combine advanced tools with a deep human understanding of what makes exceptional content to help you reach a wider audience and provide visitors to your site with authentically helpful information that Google will deem worthy of putting before the masses.

Precision insights

We’ll dig deep into your online performance to extract valuable insights to help you maximize your SEO and content budgets. What’s working, and what’s not? What areas need attention and improvement? We’ll identify the “low-hanging fruit” as a starting point and help you prioritize and execute on the items that will improve speed, readability, and rankings.

Holistic SEO strategy

We combine advanced tools with an understanding of how humans read content. Our SEO team are experts at keyword research, performance tracking, and content data analysis, while our editorial team finds the stories buried in the keywords and creates a narrative content strategy with a logical flow that meets reader intent and drives (the right kind of) traffic.

Measurable results

We want to make you the hero at work who solved your brand’s content challenges. Our holistic approach to SEO is a surefire recipe for increasing rankings, traffic, and conversions. We’ll do the measuring and testing and present the data to you, along with insights and actionable steps for continual improvement on all SEO fronts.


  • How often should I update my content for SEO? +-

    Regularly updating your blog content keeps it accurate and relevant. For evergreen topics, reviewing and updating at least every year is ideal. For timely subjects, or if your industry changes frequently, you may need to update more often.

  • How do SEO and content strategy directly impact my bottom line? +-

    SEO and content strategy are integral to driving organic traffic to your website. But while organic traffic is great, the real goal is to attract traffic that will convert. SEO is about optimizing your content for the search engines, while content strategy is more about attracting the right traffic by providing potential customers with the exact information they’re looking for in order to make a purchase — and moving them through the sales funnel in a dynamic, logical way.

  • How do you handle Google algorithm changes? +-

    We stay up-to-date with all major (and minor) algorithm updates and adjust our strategies accordingly — but our laser focus on creating well-written content that’s relevant and helpful ensures your website remains resilient to most algorithm changes. We always follow current best practices in creating and optimizing content, and it all starts with providing useful information that’s aligned with the search intent of the audience.

  • How flexible are your services? Can they be customized to my business needs? +-

    All of our clients have different goals, needs, KPIs, and general content preferences. We always start with a blank slate and create a customized plan that’s laser-focused on addressing your pain points, whether they’re many or few. We’re incredibly flexible when it comes to changing direction, scaling up or back, adding new services, or otherwise shifting gears.

  • Will I be locked into a long-term contract? +-

    Our goal is to build lasting relationships based on results and trust. While we offer recommended contract lengths based on the strategies we deploy, we aim for flexibility to ensure you're comfortable with the terms. However, since the world of content is so dynamic and businesses need the flexibility to address ever-changing goals, needs, and budgets, our contracts never lock you into a certain amount of content each month — or over the life of the contract.

  • What is the typical process for working with your SEO and content strategy agency? +-

    Our process starts with a detailed conversation about your business, your industry, and your competition. We talk about your current goals and KPIs, how your existing content is performing to those ends, and how we can fill the gaps and address any issues you’re seeing. We create a customized SEO and content strategy that can include keyword research, brief-making, content ideation and creation, optimization, and performance tracking. We schedule regular touch-base meetings with your team and ours so we can look at the numbers and make adjustments as necessary so that we’re continually improving your results and expanding your online presence.

  • How long does it take to see results from SEO and content strategy efforts? +-

    The timeline for results varies based on several factors, including how competitive your industry is and the type and scope of the work you require. You’ll likely start seeing improvements in search rankings and increased traffic within three to six months — sometimes much sooner. Long-term success in SEO and content strategy involves an ongoing commitment to providing valuable, relevant content, remaining flexible as KPIs and budgets change, and developing a trusting client relationship that makes responding to these changes quick ‘n’ easy.


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