E-Commerce Content That Converts

Why is high-quality content crucial for your e-commerce business? Because it’s associated with conversion rates that are six times higher than companies that have not invested in strong marketing content. According to CMI, more than 60% of businesses do not have a content strategy. Ecommerce companies that do document their content strategy and invest in quality content development enjoy an edge over businesses who’ve failed to develop conversion-driving content. 


Use Content to Tell Your Brand and Product Story

As an e-commerce seller, your digital platform is the foundation for your business. It takes rich, assertive content to make your brand stand out from its competition and create a compelling retail experience for your customers. Our content specialists will develop a brand and product narrative that inspires emotional impact for your customers, helping them to connect to your brand in more authentic ways that drive your success. 

Brand storytelling is 22 times more memorable to customers than facts, according to Forbes. Content that tells a story has the power to provoke an emotional response from potential customers, and emotion propels them to purchase. Customers are looking for customers to ‘be human,’ and not just profitable. We help you engage customers by infusing that human voice into your content.

High-Quality Content Increases Your ROI

The fact is, content marketing costs more than 60% less than traditional marketing measures but provides greater returns, allowing your business to capitalize on its investment. We provide e-commerce content solutions that include:

  • Product copy
  • Landing pages
  • Category pages
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Whitepapers
  • Digital marketing materials (i.e. email content, press release)

Looking For An E-Commerce Content Provider?

Your e-commerce business can rely on the Stretch Creative team to develop content for its entire platform, providing you with content that’s seamless in tone across the board and poised to deliver on the ROI you expect. Let us help you cut through the noise to reach your customers with your authentic brand voice to sell more products and grow your success. 

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    Personalized Solutions for your brand

    Stretch Creative provides the dynamic content deliverables you’re looking for to market your brand effectively, showcase your products and services, increase your organic traffic and raise conversion. Partner with us for world-class content complemented by personalized service.