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Whether you’re an itty-bitty D2C brand with a skeleton staff or a formidable Fortune 100 retailer, you need quality content on your website that shows consumers who you are—and why they should buy your products and not your competitors’. No matter what you sell, the content on your site is key to selling even more of it. We write content that sells—a perfectly executed cocktail of storytelling, trustworthiness, and search engine optimization, served up in your brand’s voice and garnished with jazz fingers, if you wish.

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Our Process

  • Zoom about it
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  • Assemble a dedicated team
  • Produce publish-ready content

Our Values

  • Truth, accuracy, and transparency
  • Writer training and support
  • Fair compensation for writers
  • Fair prices for clients

A list of top ecommerce services

Great ecommerce content stirs up excitement, boosts consumer confidence, and adds value to the shopping experience. Humans like making connections through stories, and they love finding the answers to their burning questions in the content they read on the sites they visit. Whether it’s a product description, a blog post, or a buying guide, we write ecommerce content with humans, not Googlebots, in mind. Then, we go back through and give the bots some love, too, using our own, internal SEO best practices—or your detailed SEO requirements.
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PDP & PLP content
The almighty product description is often the very last thing a visitor will see before they ADD TO CART—or leave the page—so it’s gotta be good. Category and brand pages give your customers loads of helpful information to inform their purchasing decisions. We’ll convince them they’re making the right choice—and sprinkle some SEO on top to keep bringing ‘em in.
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Email & social content
Getting people to open, read, and act on your emails—or like and share your social media posts—is like pulling teeth if reading your content is as fun as a root canal. Email and social content are very special birds, and we’ve got great writers who are fluent in their subtle, musical language.
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Buying guides
A perfect balance of romance copy to inspire and useful information to educate, a buying guide helps your customers choose just the thing they need, which translates to fewer returned items—and more returning customers. Writing buying guides requires clear language, great research chops, and an air of authority that puts your brand at the top of their list.
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SEO writing services
If the top of the SERP is your Mount Everest, SEO-driven content is your trusted Sherpa. But SEO isn’t the end-all and be-all, because even if it’s optimized to the gills, if the read is a bore and doesn’t provide real value, potential customers are going to peace-out—probably for good. We write engaging SEO content that’s destined for a primo spot above the fold.
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Blogs & article content
Written for humans but optimized for crawlers, our blog and article content can do anything you want it to—educate or inspire, pitch or plug, teach or tempt. From listicles and lifestyle pieces to hacks and how-to’s, we’ll create blog posts and articles that are accurate, informative, and a pleasure to read.
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Brand style & voice guidelines
Consistency in your brand’s voice across all of your assets is the glue that holds your image together. We love helping brands identify their voice, from tone and ‘tude to verbiage and vibe. Then, we put it together in a guide for all wielders of words to live and write by. If you have guidelines, but they’re in quite a state, we’ll happily wrangle them into submission for you.
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It’s been such a pleasure working with Stretch. They’ve integrated seamlessly into our workflow and truly become an extension of our team. After years of inconsistent copywriting, we’re seeing our brand and product stories come to life consistently across all channels.

Jen Wilson
Sr. Director of Marketing

Working with Stretch was such a breath of fresh air. After struggling to find the right fit of copywriters who really understood our brand and voice, it was immediately clear that Stretch would be more than capable of satisfying our content needs. Not only was their work great, but they were also so wonderful to work with and incredibly easy to communicate with. It's been a pleasure working with Stretch, and I can't wait to continue our partnership with them over more of our content needs.

Chelsea Webb
Sr. Manager of Integrated Marketing

Stretch is not only a great resource for content creation at scale, but they are also a great collaborative partner. Plus, they’re a really fun group of people.

Virginia Bunker
Sr. Editorial Manager
Blue Nile


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