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Cut out the middlemen, and pay less for more. Our in-house Creative Director is an executive producer and storytelling mastermind with a cinematic eye and 30 years of experience in TV and film production.

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Our Video Content Services

  • Brand Stories +-

    Let us tell your brand story — ideated, written, and produced with keen attention to your vibe, values, and vision. We’ll help turn your ideas into a solid concept and shoot a sleek, cinematic production you’ll be proud to share far and wide.

  • Corporate Video Services +-

    Get your message across with expert visual storytelling, complete with hooks that draw in and engage any audience. We’ll produce interesting videos to highlight your company’s achievements for investors, create training videos for new hires, or explainer videos for sales and marketing.

  • Documentaries +-

    Telling real stories of real people, our documentaries are a blend of emotion, information, and inspiration.

  • TV Advertisements +-

    Television commercials have a lot of moving parts that traditionally involve a slew of decision makers and creators — and that’s why they’re generally so expensive. We streamline the TV ad process by cutting out the various middle people and creating your commercials entirely in-house, from ideation and scriptwriting to pre- and post-production.

  • Interviews +-

    Give your employees, stakeholders, or customers a voice with interview videos that get to the heart of the matter. We’ll dispatch a local videographer to capture the footage then bring it in-house to turn it into a production worthy of any distribution channel. We can even repurpose it into blog posts or sound bites — or incorporate the footage into other visual assets.

  • Social Media Advertisements +-

    Our smart, clever copywriters and talented video production team create fun, shareable social media posts and ads designed to convert — and to be remembered. We’ll run with your concept or put our heads together to come up with some ideas you can take back to your team. However we roll, we’ll do it in close collaboration with your marketing department.

  • Motion graphics & animation +-

    Make your corporate video or brand story more informative or entertaining with customized motion graphics or animations. Repurpose these moving bits for social media or email campaigns to maximize your marketing dollars.

Why Stretch?

When you work with us, you work with a full-service, end-to-end production team that bypasses all of the usual middlemen and stretches your budget. We’re no low-budget operation, but we know how to manage costs, maximize time, and centralize processes for maximum efficiency so we can put storytelling center-stage.

Pay less for more.

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Effective strategy

We’ll help your marketing department organize your brand’s video strategy, keeping in mind evergreen content and opportunities for repurposing. A solid video content strategy maximizes your marketing spend — and your ROI — by looking at the bigger picture, honing in on the right audience, and planning ahead. It also opens up the opportunity to shoot several productions at once and create multiple assets from them, putting you ahead of the game and saving you a bundle.

Masterful storytelling

Stories are what spark connection, and connection is what sparks trustworthiness and brand loyalty. We’ll start with the goal, suss out the right angle, and write a compelling script. But that’s just the framework. The mastery comes in when our production team chooses the perfect setting and sound and lighting design to convey the desired mood and elicit the right emotional response. Great visual storytelling inspires and drives action on multiple levels.

End-to-end production

Since we create video projects from inception to completion in-house, the entire production is less expensive and easier to manage — and it’s more collaborative, too. You’ll work directly with our Director of Visual Storytelling, whose expertise in the subtleties of video production and storytelling makes for thoughtful decision making that leads to far better results — and a higher ROI. If you’re a content-driven company in constant need of video services, we’ll be your trusted partner.

Multiple formats

Whatever video formats you need in order to share your production far and wide, we’ll deliver them. We’ll also help you stretch your investment, save time, and expand your reach by artfully repurposing your production into snackable bits for email, social, and other distribution channels. Not sure what formats you need or what kind of repurposing would drive the results you want? We’ll help you develop a multi-channel video content strategy with efficiency and budget in mind.

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  • How is video content helpful for my business? +-

    Video content is a powerful medium that can engage audiences, convey complex information quickly, and improve brand recall. It can also boost conversion rates and improve SEO rankings. Professional corporate videography elevates your brand's image, delivering a polished and cohesive visual message. It builds credibility, tells your brand story, and captures your audience's attention. With a well-crafted video, you can make a lasting impression, enhance brand perception, and strengthen trust among your customers.

  • How much does video content cost? +-

    The cost varies based on the type and complexity of the video. We offer customized packages to suit different budgets and requirements.

  • How long does it take to complete a corporate videography project? +-

    The timeline for a corporate videography project varies depending on its complexity. A short promotional video may take a few weeks, while a more extensive project, such as event coverage, may require several weeks to months. We provide estimated timelines at the project's outset, striving to deliver a quality video promptly. The production time varies based on the complexity of the video, but on average, it takes 2-4 weeks from concept to completion.

  • What is the typical process for working with your corporate videography agency? +-

    Our process begins with a comprehensive understanding of your brand and objectives. We’ll collaborate closely with you to create a video strategy, including conceptualization and script development. Our professional videography team captures high-quality footage, which we edit and refine to ensure that the final video aligns perfectly with your brand's messaging and identity.


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