5 Things To Consider with Blog Writing Services

5 Things to Consider with Blog Writing Services

There are lots of professional blog writing services available today, but it’s important to note that blog writing services can differ dramatically from one agency to the next. Your business blog should be a company asset that should contain quality content that can perpetually market your business. Before you partner with a blog writing service provider, there are a few important considerations to note. If your prospective blog writing service can’t deliver the following, your content marketing campaign will suffer. Before you buy blog writing services, make sure the provider offers the following:

1. Write Blog Articles for Humans–Not Search Engines

Although it’s important for freelance writers to be mindful of what the search engines expect from quality content, they should be creating blog content that’s designed for humans–not search engine algorithms. Most blog writing services will tell you that their plan is to create great content that will boost organic traffic to your website; certainly, blog articles can generate boosts in web traffic.

However, today, search engine algorithms are extremely savvy. They are able to determine when blog articles are overstuffed with keywords in an attempt to attract them. Google has designed algorithms that can evaluate if your blog writing is written for human readers. If a blog post isn’t crafted for humans, it’s not high-quality content, and the search engines now penalize blogs for that. Be sure that your blog writing services and their team of blog writers understand that they’re writing for your target audience–not the search engines. They should also be able to match your brand voice in all blog posts.

Sure, your content needs to be optimized (and we’ll discuss that in more detail later), but be sure your blog writing service understands that optimization like meta descriptions, links, and other SEO elements can be introduced to the content after it’s been created for your target audience.

2. Diversify Your Blog Post Content (It's not just about the words)

It’s important to diversify your blog articles by including more than just words. Digital content comes in many forms–video, infographics, photos, etc…So, be sure that your blog writing services agency is able to provide you with the media you need. One estimate suggests that 35% of smartphone and tablet users are interested in viewing more video content, for example. By outfitting your blog articles with diverse, dynamic content, you can create more impactful posts.

Unfortunately, not all blog content writing services provide dynamic content in addition to their writing services. Text-based blog posts may not be enough to engage your audience. Look for a blog writing services provider that can fulfill all of your needs. Remember, to engage an audience, you need more than written content. Each blog post has the potential to win you more customers. Be sure that each blog post is optimized to do its job.

3. Experienced Freelance Blog Writers (with Subject Matter Expertise)

Choose blog writing services that feature experienced freelance writers who have subject matter expertise. A professional writer with expertise in your business sector can specialize in blog content creation that is perfectly suited to your industry niche. Moreover, their experience writing to boost SEO rankings in your field will support your blog’s SEO needs.

Stretch Creative features blog writers who have the ability to provide custom content for your business. They have the expertise required to produce industry-specific content designed for your company’s target audience. You can order blog posts written by our subject-matter specialists for a flat fee or talk to us about establishing ongoing content creation to maintain your SEO with routinely posted fresh content. Our writers can produce an unlimited amount of blog writing for your business niche, and you can cancel anytime. We can pair you with a specific writer or a team of professional writers.

4. Mind the SEO

Today, freelance writers must ensure that their blog articles are able to attract search engines as well as your customers. Each blog post should contain SEO keywords, metadata, and other crucial SEO elements. Our experienced writers can write blog content that embodies keyword research as well as in accordance with your business’s content marketing plan. SEO is essential for content marketing today. SEO services for custom written content make for a winning content marketing plan.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is needed to improve your page rank with search engines like Google. When your site is optimized, the search engines will feature it earlier on in the search results when people search for businesses that provide your products or services in your local area. Ideally, you want your business site to be found on page one of a Google search; that’s the best way to attract more traffic–more organic traffic to your website.

5. Pay Attention to Analytics

After publishing your blog posts, don’t ignore them. Ideally, your blog content should market for you over time. How do you know the blog posts are doing their job supporting your SEO and attracting new customers? Are your blogs encouraging engagement? Is your target audience reading your blog? How are customers finding your blog posts? Through social media or via your site? What's the bounce rate of each blog post? Blogging can be challenging because its job is so important. Is your blog supporting your business website the way you want it to?

The only way to answer these questions about your body of blog writing is to mind the analytics. You can use google analytics to measure your blog content in order to answer these and other questions. Fortunately, google analytics is each to use to track and measure your blog posts. If your blog writing isn’t producing the results you expected to see, you can revise them. You can also revise older content and refresh it in order to improve the SEO of your blog posts.

Affordable and Professional Blog Writing Services

Stretch Creative features talented writers who specialize in blog writing for all types of businesses and organizations. Our blog writers can examine the writing style of your current blog or brand voice and produce articles or other types of content designed to improve lead generation, increase conversions, and promote your brand voice effectively. Excellent writing quality helps your business establish its authoritativeness, which helps to support its SEO.

Although Stretch is committed to maintaining affordable pricing, we also pay our blog writers competitive rates to ensure that we continue to attract the best writers in the industry. Ask us about our affordable blogging packages and custom content projects. Crowdsource content writing agencies may not be able to support your company’s need for expertise and experience. Although some agencies might charge rock-bottom pricing, it may simply not be worth the bargain if they can’t deliver the premium SEO content you need to drive your business’s success.

Not all marketing agencies specialize in blogging services, but Stretch’s primary focus is on content writing services. Blogging is just one area of our expertise. Contact us to learn how you can save time and money by investing in our blog writing services. We can produce blog posts that align with your content marketing strategy. We can overhaul your existing content, produce fresh content, provide guest posts, and so much more.

Blog Writing Services FAQs

What is content blogging?

Content blogging refers to blog writing or any other type of content (i.e. video, infographic) contained in a blog post or article. Blogs for your business will generally reflect some aspect of the business or industry; the articles will contain information that’s relevant in some way to your target audience.

How much does it cost to write a blog article?

If you want to hire a blog writing service to create a blog post for your WordPress site or business website, you’re unlikely to know its cost until you consult with a content creation agency. The cost for blog writing generally depends on the length of the piece and the level of research and expertise required to write the articles.
On the other hand, some marketing agencies may charge a premium or unbelievably low costs for blogging. Be careful. You don’t want to be overcharged for written content or managed services; on the other hand, pricing that’s too low may reflect that an agency has inexperienced writers or is unable to provide the world-class content you need for SEO and to effectively promote your business.

How much do professional blog writers make?

Today’s blogging specialists earn a wide income range. That’s because not all writers work full-time. On the other hand, some agencies work with writers who are professional and credentialed. These writers earn higher incomes because they’re in demand and many have established reputations in the industry for the high quality of their work.

Is content writing the same as blog writing?

Not all content writing is blogging. A blog is just one form of content. Other forms might include social media posts, website content, white papers, ebooks, and more. Look for blog writing services from an agency that can produce any type of content your business needs.


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