5 Tips to Increase Organic Traffic Using Content

How Do I Increase Organic Traffic Using Content?


The importance of website traffic to your business website should never be undervalued. Every visitor to your website is an opportunity for your business to convert someone into a customer, ideally, a long-term customer who’ll help spread the word about your great business. There are countless reasons why digital marketing is a worthwhile--even a downright critical--investment. Every single week, one in four Americans will make an online purchase, according to Forbes.

But chances are, you already know where to find your target audience; your prospective customers are all online. But how do you increase organic traffic with content? Do you try to increase organic traffic from search engines or do you invest in paid traffic using digital ads? All companies have a finite marketing budget and want to know the best options to increase search traffic to their business website or ecommerce site.

While both methods require investment and are effective for driving more traffic to websites in their own ways, most internet marketing experts will concur that the better long-term play is to increase organic traffic with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques designed for organic search traffic. Organic traffic is the better and more sustainable way to generate traffic to websites. Certainly, paid ads can increase traffic too, but they require more ongoing investment, and their results are often hit or miss and are not used for increasing organic traffic. Plus, increasing organic traffic boasts a higher conversion rate than paid ads found in YouTube videos for example or other social media sites.

Of course, to increase organic traffic, you’ve got to know-how. We’ll tell you how to increase organic traffic using content with these SEO tips.

Find Winning Headlines and Make Yours Better


The trick to enticing an audience to read your blog post or other content is to create no-miss headlines. Too often, bloggers will try to swing for the fences with their blog post while striking out with the headline. A headline that ideally features long tail keywords that target your audience is one of the most fundamental ways for driving organic traffic to your site. Once there, your search traffic can access the content that interests them and, hopefully, discover your terrific products and services.

Keep in mind that a headline is also an important factor for search engine optimization and organic search. That’s why it’s important to perform keyword research to ensure that your content is ranking well with search engines like Google. Of course, the better your site is optimized, the easier it becomes to increase organic traffic using content.

Research Your Topic and Then Approach It from a New Angle


To increase organic traffic with high quality content, it’s essential to not only perform keyword research but to research your topic to determine what’s been published in reference to it. At least, it’s important to see what angles have been covered. Not only is it imperative to write high quality content that's original and targeted for organic traffic, but it’s extremely helpful to publish a topic that hasn’t been covered or a topic that comes with your fresh perspective.

Search engines will register organic traffic to your website; if your fresh content begins to pick up steam, enticing readers based on organic search, the search engines are apt to boost your rank when related keywords wind up in their queries. Let’s take this topic: how do I increase organic traffic using content on my website?

First, there are going to be some redundancies; you can hardly address the basics of any topic without covering, well, the basics. We’re going to tell you to publish high quality content to increase organic traffic the same as most other digital marketing firms. But then, we’re going to reveal our fresh perspective on the matter. We’re going to define our brand of kick-ass content designed for organic search traffic. We’re going to look at what's been published on a topic and update, advance, and transform it into something more relative, more authoritative, and more readable. That’s a boutique content development agency for you. That’s Stretch.

The fact is, even topics that seem mundane can be improved with more wow factor. Sometimes the wow factor is going to impress the search engine bots with its mastery of long tail keywords and internal links (no spam links), sometimes it will include angles that have not been addressed, and sometimes it will feature updated information based on cutting-edge research. The truth is, there is always a way to make quality content for organic traffic even better. That’s what we do every single day.

Produce Consistent, Engaging, Sharable Content


Given the competitive nature of digital marketing with businesses (including your competitors) scrambling to increase organic traffic, it’s not enough to publish haphazardly. Think about this mantra: how you do one thing is how you do all things. The quality of your work becomes a habit. So, make a habit of producing high quality content designed to increase search traffic, content that’s engaging and worthy of sharing from one social media platform to another.

What makes content shareable for search traffic? What makes a blog post go viral or promotes referral traffic? What makes it deftly fulfill search intent and improve search rankings? The best content for organic traffic is useful but beyond that, it embodies storytelling elements, appeals to emotions, contains useful internal links, and is worthy of social validation. In order for search traffic to share your content, they have to feel connected to it or why forge the attachment? Why spread it around? Content that's snackable and shareable is the driver of social media marketing.

So, it’s essential to make the production of quality content that engages and is shareable a habit when writing for organic traffic. You can do this in any number of ways--hire a firm like Stretch Creative and its team of talented writers, including a guest blog post on your site from highly regarded industry individuals, prioritize content development with company resources, and strategize to plan for content development each month--each week with your search traffic in mind.

Increase Your Organic Traffic Using Content—Grab the Low-Hanging Fruit


Hey, no one says that the only way to increase organic traffic to your website is to generate Pulitzer Prize-worthy content. Just because you sell barnacle cleaner or ships’ engine parts doesn’t mean you have to deliver the modern equivalent of Moby Dick. By all means, publish the low-hanging fruit, the material that your company is uniquely able and qualified to produce that is still going to wind up in a search box. This may be all you need to do for increasing organic traffic to your site.

In terms of SEO, low-hanging fruit refers to the keywords that are ranking but aren’t as competitive as others. Grab these. They can still help you boost traffic without the stiff competition that more high ranking keywords are associated with. Keyword difficulty--like using all the keywords--is a challenge for creating content, but a relevant keyword phrase and some low-hanging fruit will help you pop up in an organic search when those keywords are searched for. Keyword research will help you identify which keywords and keyword phrases are of the low hanging variety and most likely to drive traffic to your website. Definitely avoid keyword cannibalization, though, that can affect your site's traffic. Increasing organic traffic is the stuff of keywords and long tail key phrases.

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Moreover, and this is the important thing, make sure you’re publishing the keyword-rich content that your customers and potential customers need and are likely to be searching for. Target long tail keywords and consider numerous keyword ideas when creating content. Search volume is going to encompass lots of that low hanging fruit. So, grab it and be sure that you address it in high quality and shareable ways. Use Google Analytics to measure SEO traffic and the performance of all the keywords you've included and that appear in search volume and search queries.

Create the Best Content You Possibly Can


Search engines and, more precisely, search engine bots demand high quality content. Without it, improved search engine rank is likely to remain elusive. Organic search drives improved page rank. Better rank means more organic traffic to your online destinations such as your website or business blog. Are you generating the best content you have and taking advantage of the best content creation strategies at your disposal to increase your organic traffic using content?

Stretch Creative features a team of writers who specialize in SEO content designed to drive organic traffic to businesses for demonstrable results. Optimized content is the key to organic search and to increasing organic traffic to your website. Whether you operate a brick and mortar business or an online business, you can depend on digital marketing to effectively promote your brand along with its products and services.

The team at Stretch Creative features industry-specific writers and experienced copywriters who create content that’s based on SEO keyword research is able to drive targeted traffic and makes sense for the business’s unique brand. In short, we partner and collaborate with you to achieve your online marketing goals, providing exactly what you need to boost organic traffic to your sites. Contact us to learn more.

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Increase Organic Traffic FAQs

What is the meaning of organic search traffic?


Organic search traffic refers to searchers who make a query on a search engine like Google and click on a link to visit your website. Organic search traffic is unpaid and represents more than half of all online traffic. Organic traffic can't be bought; it has to be earned with SEO strategies and the quality of your online presence.

What drives organic traffic?


Increasing organic traffic to your website requires a high search engine rank such as appearing on page one of a Google search. Typically, the better your search rank, the more organic traffic you can attract. To achieve a higher rank and more organic traffic, of course, requires optimization, including SEO-friendly content that includes competitive keywords, long tail key phrases, and is relative and authoritative, but also avoids unsavory practices like keyword cannibalization.

Do blogs increase website traffic?


Yes, blog posts, with and without guest blogging, can increase organic traffic, especially if they are optimized just as website content should be optimized. A blog post or guest post that contains relevant keywords (included for search volume) and demonstrates the author’s expertise and authoritativeness supports the site’s overall search engine optimization. Guest blogging is a helpful strategy for showing up in search engine results, particularly when the author has high search volume and credibility with search engines.

Is Google search the best search engine to optimize for?


Yes. Google search commands more organic traffic (organic visitors) than other search engines. Google enjoys an online market share of more than 90%. Plus, if your website is optimized for Google search with popular keywords, it’s likely going to rank with other search engines too and increase organic traffic. Generating more organic traffic on one search engine is likely to impact the other sites too.

Are paid ads better than SEO for search engines?


Organic traffic accounts for more than half of website traffic. That makes it immensely important to a business’s internet marketing strategy. SEO supports long-term, sustainable online marketing and perpetual organic traffic. Paid ads also generate traffic and can be particularly useful for supporting online campaigns. Typically, both SEO search traffic and paid ads can help increase sales. However, SEO organic traffic offers long-term benefits that paid ads do not and is vital for outshining competitor sites on Google or other search engines.


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