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Our story, values, and process

Our Story

From humble beginnings to making global impact

Stretch Creative came about almost by accident because of old connections, enduring relationships, shared values, and aligning stars.

We started this agency on a few unshakable beliefs we arrived at after numerous long, existential conversations about our combined 25+ years of experience working with creative studios, agencies, and freelancers.

  • If you’re a creative, you should be paid a living wage for the words and images you produce that others stand to profit from.
  • If you’re a brand paying for content, you should get back work that doesn’t require heavy editing to make it publishable.
  • Freelancers would love to have the same kinds of support and professional development opportunities as employed creatives.
  • Businesses would love to have a long-term, trusted relationship with an invested, engaged content team that knows and gets them.

Founder and CEO Chris Reid incorporated Stretch Creative at the dawn of the pandemic. Since then, our community of creatives has grown from two to more than 200.


By living and breathing our values and working with clients and creatives who share them.

Our Value

Doing the right thing at the right time


We neither silo nor hide our creatives. Imagine the wealth of stories, experiences, and expertise a group like that has! We bring the creative into the conversation for their valuable insight and expertise.


Projects change and evolve, and we change and evolve with them — flexibility is our natural state of being. We approach new challenges with an open mind and a positive, professional mindset. There’s nothing we can’t roll with.

Truth and transparency

We’re open and honest in our relationships with clients and creatives. To ensure we create content that makes a real difference, we’ll always be frank in our dealings, transparent in our processes, and truthful in our writing.


We take ownership of our words and actions. When we make mistakes, we take full responsibility and work to make things right — by our clients, our creatives, and our support staff. We hold ourselves accountable to our values.

Social Responsibility

We treat clients and creatives fairly. We don’t gouge or exploit. We take the power of content seriously, and we strive to counteract the spread of misinformation through work that’s purposeful, truthful, and helpful to others.


We get enormous satisfaction out of the relationships we have with our clients and creatives. We care, and it shows in the way we treat the people on both sides of the content — and in the readable, relatable work we produce.
Our Process

To do content marketing right, you need the right talent. Ideally, that’ll be a tight team of writers and/or designers who are personally invested in your content, ready to get to know your brand inside and out, and in it for the long-haul.

It’s our process that makes us so good at making this happen.


We meet with you to define your needs, desired outcome, budget, and timeline. We put together a glossy deck with all of the gory details, including pricing, workflow, and the key players on the Stretch team. Once our teams give it the virtual handshake, we’re out of the gate!

Create the project brief and style guide

Our managing editor meets with your editorial and/or SEO teams to suss out all of the nitty-gritty, down-and-dirty details and develop a project brief, style guide, and training materials that provide your creative team with everything they need to create content that hits the mark.

Curate your creative team

We select your dedicated creative team based on their interests, passions, experience, and style — we reach out to the ones we know will dig the project, catch your vibe, read the room, and do whatever it takes to make your content just the way you want it — or better, even.


During our built-in calibration period, our team produces a few sample pieces for your feedback. We want you to be ruthless — we’ll compile your comments to adjust and fine-tune so that right from the get-go, you get exactly what you want, every time — on-brand and on time.

Creatives create

Here’s where the magic happens. Armed with plenty of resources, backed by editorial support, and empowered by transparency, your Stretch team proceeds to knock your socks off with content you barely have to touch before you load it up in the CMS and hit “publish.”

Ongoing Calibration and Feedback 276

There’s no such thing as “set-it-and-forget-it” in the world of content. You have to monitor, maintain, nurture, and update your content, or it’ll wither up and drop dead at your feet. We play a long game, and we want to stay on top of your goals, results, and emerging needs.

We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent as we grow.

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