About Emma Yates Jegede

What’s the best advice you ever received?


The best advice I’ve been given was to “Stop being an Ostrich”. It was believed that when an Ostrich was scared or intimidated they’d hide their heads in the sand. I think of like if you can’t see or hear the problem then it must not be there. Unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t work for long eventually the thing you were hiding from will find you and bite you in the butt. It’s better to face the problem headfirst and hopefully, you can avoid getting bitten.


What’s your guilty pleasure?


My guilty pleasure is watching daily vlogs on Youtube. I enjoy watching people who share their lives on Youtube live their typically normal lives. My favorites are families in the USA and England. It’s like reality TV but with way less drama. I find it very relaxing.


What’s an uncommon fact about you?


An uncommon fact about me is that I don’t eat beef or pork. I really only eat chicken, turkey, and fish. This is a choice a made as a 12-year-old who was moving to a hobby farm and couldn’t imagine eating her new friends. Now as an adult it has been so long since eating those meats that it makes me feel gross. When I was pregnant I was very tempted to indulge in roast beef and Yorkshire puddings but was just too nervous about the outcome.


What fictional place I want to visit.


One fictional place I would visit… It’s hard to pick just one. Two places come to mind the first is Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. I would love to explore all the shops and see all the different magical things. The second is Narnia I’d love to meet Mr. Tumnus and explore the peaceful mythical forest while time is paused at home.




I knew that I wanted to do something that would better the world so I started my career journey as a Community Support Worker that then lead me to work with children. I worked with children for 7 years as an Education Assistant and Behavioural Interventionist. Working with children with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities taught me to be flexible in my thinking but also to get things done efficiently. I knew it was time for a change once I had my daughter and that is where I found Stretch.