About Gillian Beckett

What’s an uncommon fact about you?


An uncommon fact about me is I am a first-generation Canadian. My parents are originally from Liverpool, England, and emigrated to Canada in 1974. I often wonder what I would have sounded like with a ‘Scouse’ accent…


What is a guilty pleasure of yours? 


My guilty pleasure is watching old British sitcoms like Fawlty Towers, Black Adder, Father Ted, Keeping Up Appearances, and so on. With English parents, I grew up watching these shows and they remind me of my childhood. My husband, who funnily enough is British, can’t stand them.


If you could have one superpower, what would it be? 


One superpower I would choose is time travel (is that a superpower?). I’d love to be able to visit pivotal moments in history to see and experience what happened. Did Lee Harvey Oswald really shoot JFK? What was life like in King Henry VIII’s court? Were dinosaurs really that gigantic and scary?


Where is your favourite place to hang? 


My favourite place to hang out is in the Alberta Rockies – Kananaskis Country, Canmore, Banff. I grew up about an hour away from that region and although I’ve been there probably 100 times or more, the stunning beauty never fails to amaze me. I’ve traveled around the world – New Zealand, China, Southeast Asia – and there is nothing that compares.






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I am a writer/editor with a background in newspaper journalism and feature writing, spanning more than 20 years. My writing career began as a reporter for a small-town Alberta newspaper covering local politics, crime, education, and community arts and entertainment before making the leap as a feature writer and copyeditor at a Caribbean-based publishing company. There I wrote about everything related to “sun, sea and sand” including Caribbean culture, history, business, and real estate for 16 years. These days, I spend my time freelancing as a copywriter from sunny (yet snowy and very cold) Saskatchewan.