About Harry Rabinowitz

My Hobbies


My hobbies include… Reading (love fantasy, science fiction, memoir, graphic novels, and manga), gaming (board games and video games), researching the latest consumer tech, running, training, baking gooey chocolate chip cookies, and tons more.


The Best Advice I Was Ever Given


The best advice I have been given is… Practice the things you don’t enjoy. Because plenty of them will become part of your daily life. The better you get at handling the hard stuff, the more time you can spend on the fun stuff.


I Can’t Live Without


I can’t live without my… My Das 4 mechanical keyboard! I spend most of my day at the computer, using a keyboard, mouse, etc.. I don’t want to spend any of that time futzing with my gear. Heck, I don’t even want to think about my gear after it’s plugged in. I am constantly seeking the best tools, the ones that fade away and become natural extensions of yourself.


The Thing I’m Most Proud of


The thing I’m most proud of in my life is… The relationships I’ve made. Life is a lot more fulfilling when you have good company. Whether that’s family or friends, I’ve found everything is a lot more meaningful and memorable when we do it together.




There are stories in everything.

Growing up in a household full of storytellers, I learned the power of storytelling and wanted nothing more than to make my stories captivating.

Now a freelance writer and editor, I’ve worked to tell educational, entertaining, effective stories for a myriad of startups and big brands. I have expertise in topics including e-commerce, consumer goods, food, entertainment, gaming, and more. Whether it’s branded content, top trafficking SEO articles, lively product descriptions, or detailed how-tos, I love bringing my fun, confident voice to everything I write.