About Janna Epstein

What is an uncommon fact about you?


An uncommon fact about me is that I pursued the arts in my early 20s. I performed in short films, indies and even had a leading role on an episode of a show on the Discovery ID network. I actually found copywriting through acting, as I went from acting in independent commercials to co-producing and writing scripts for them, as well as creating promotional videos for different companies. It was also how I discovered how much I loved writing and how it could be another medium for me to channel creative expression.


What are your hobbies?


My hobbies include going to the theater and Broadway, as well as creating my own performance videos on social platforms. I am super passionate about everything to do with the arts. I also am very passionate about the beauty and fashion industries, as well as entertainment and pop culture. As a millennial, I am particularly fascinated by Millenials’ role in continuing to shape and drive pop culture, as well as the role that social media has in our world.


Where’s your favorite place to hang-out?


My current favorite place to hang out is my basement. My husband and I recently got a virtual pinball machine with 800+ plus games on it, and it’s pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread. While I don’t consider myself much of a gamer, (I’m more into word games) it is an absolutely incredible piece of technology and has been a lifesaver to have as we ride out the rest of this pandemic. I must also mention my beauty room/ girl’s lounge which we recently built/renovated as well, which is the perfect feminine counterpart to the man cave that is our basement.


What can’t you live without?


I can’t live without my husband, family, friends, and cats. They all must be included! It is times like these in which we find ourselves in a world beset by uncertainty, that we stop to reflect, and can appreciate and be grateful for all the beautiful things we have in our lives. I can’t ask for a better partner to ride out the rest of this pandemic with or to share this wondrous adventure of life. I have become even closer to friends and family during this time as we had to find other ways of connecting with each other. And of course, I have to include my cats (my fur children) who each own a special piece of my heart.




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With a multifaceted background including psychology and the arts, I consider myself a true creative with a passion for storytelling. Words fascinate me with their power to create diverse, profound, and transformative experiences for their audience. I started my copywriting career in the corporate world, specializing in e-commerce and product copy, and expanded into creating a wide range of marketing, promotional, and advertising content for various leading companies and agencies. Strong copywriting is both an art and a science, and I pride myself in my ability to define a company’s brand voice and create engaging copy that not only effectively communicates, but also captivates and transcends.