About Monica Vilhauer

What inspires you?


Natural spaces, living a minimalist life, and the notion of living in a treehouse. To that, I would add moving lyrics, tight harmonies, and playing guitar with friends around campfires. More? Transformative ideas and the sense that I am making a difference and helping people with my work. Oh, and cheese. Don’t forget the cheese.


What’s an uncommon fact about you?


I am a former gymnast, both club and NCAA Division I. When people wonder where my “detail-oriented” vibe as an editor came from, I tell them I was being trained to point my toes and stick my landings starting at age six.


If you could pick one superpower, what would it be? 


One superpower I would choose is being a dog whisperer. I adopted a rescue a couple of years ago who definitely has some things to say about “stranger danger,” and I wish I could learn about her experience as a puppy and what would help her feel more comfortable in public.


What’s your guilty pleasure?


My guilty pleasure would be soaking in hot springs. No guilt. My fantasy is to design and write about (and enjoy, of course) a “hot springs of Europe” tour. Send me links to your favorite hot springs around the world!








I’m a writer and editor whose favorite projects are those that educate and inspire. My background is in education, and I have written about philosophy, self-development, communication, nature-awareness, art, and travel. I am fascinated by words and their power, and take a careful (ok, obsessive) approach to editing. When I’m not writing and editing, you’ll find me leading group workshops in philosophy and doing one-on-one philosophical counseling.