About Nova Sawatzky

What trend do you wish would come back?


The fad or trend I wish would come back is bellbottom pants. There’s something about those goofy bells that make me want to keep on truckin’. As a teenager my friend’s dad gave me his old brown corduroy bellbottoms from the ’70s, I wore those things for years.


What’s your guilty pleasure?


My guilty pleasure lately has been watching these YouTube videos where a rapper uses the Omegle app to chat with strangers. He asks if he can do a freestyle for them, and then blows them away with how good he is. The moment they realize he’s actually really good at what he does is a joyful surprise every time. I am embarrassed even typing this out.


What’s your favourite place?


My favourite place to hang out is at home, and not just because we are in the middle of a global pandemic. I’m fairly introverted and would take a dog snuggle and a good book over a party any day. I am lucky to be able to say I have everything I need right here!


What can’t you live without?


I can’t live without my morning coffee. Well, I guess I can but what kind of a life would that be? A grumpy one, that’s what.








I’m both a creator and a hard worker. With over ten years of freelance editing, writing and transcription experience, I am thrilled to be a part of the Stretch Creative team and am confident I can take on any challenge they bring my way. Horror, science fiction, zines, humour, and underground culture are some of the themes inspiring my writing and artwork lately.