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It’s not easy being the go-between. As your agency’s roster grows, so grows the need for a better way to manage reams of content for acres of clients. Managing a network of freelancers is practically a full-time job itself—and while you may not want to put all of your eggs in one basket, you don’t want them spread all over tarnation, either. We’ll happily take on the role of content-writing and project management to give you some breathing room to do what you do best.

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Our Process

  • Zoom about it
  • Hash out the details
  • Assemble a dedicated team
  • Produce publish-ready content

Our Values

  • Truth, accuracy, and transparency
  • Writer training and support
  • Fair compensation for writers
  • Fair prices for clients

What can Stretch do for your SEO agency?

We’re glad you asked! For starters, we’ve got scads of talented creatives in our ranks. But unlike the content platforms, we know each of our writers—their voice and style, their proclivities and eccentricities, even the names of their pets—and we know who’ll crush what. We’ll assemble and train up a dedicated team to produce your content, providing plenty of feedback and support along the way. In practice, we’re less a vendor and more an extension of your team—the best content, after all, is a collaborative effort based on trust and transparency, relationships and responsibility. Best of all? Our prices won’t make you choke on your coffee—and we never require a retainer or monthly minimum.
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Blog & Article Writing
You can analyze, strategize, and optimize until the cows come home, but if your client’s blogs and articles don’t engage, add value, and inspire action, your efforts will be rewarded with crickets. Our writers create fetching content that holds the attention of the reader and makes your clients happy. Fluff? Never heard of her.
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Content Optimization & Rewrites
Your client’s existing content is a little rough around the edges—and it was last optimized in 2012. Leave it to us to dust off the cobwebs and give it the head-to-toe SEO treatment and a good, old-fashioned spit-shine to clean it up and make it current, cohesive, relevant, and results-oriented.
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Content Creation at Scale
Your client’s content budget doubled overnight, and they’re looking to scale in a big way—starting now. No sweat. We’ve got writers in the wings ready and rarin’ to join your team, and we’ll get them up to speed in no time. We can scale on a dime, whether as a one-off, end-of-the-year budget burn, a twice-yearly seasonal rush, or a long-term content strategy.
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Design Services
One of the hottest trends in SEO right now is incorporating multimedia into your content—and we’ve got the talent for that, too. Our pool of gifted visual artists includes photographers, graphic designers, cartoonists, illustrators, videographers, and animators. From images, icons, and infographics to memes, GIFs, and graphs, our design team will magic your brilliant ideation into vivid actualization.
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We needed to bring in a copywriter who could ramp up instantly and deliver high-quality web content very quickly. Stretch has been an efficient and reliable resource to work with, to say the least! The team at Stretch is extremely organized, dedicated, and dependable when working to deadlines, and I have greatly appreciated their constant attention to detail. I would recommend Stretch for any variety of projects, as their team is creative and versatile, and adapts very well to the needs of all our clients. Their production team always walked the extra mile to meet particular needs, and we would be happy to use Stretch again for future projects!

Amanda Sadowski
Head of Digital Marketing, North America


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