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Great content that performs the way you want it to is a thoughtful balance between what the search engine wants and what the people want. And while what the engine wants is the subject of billions of words’ worth of hypothesizing, what the people want is pretty darn clear: they want an engaging read and to come away from it with something of value. What they don’t want to do is to lament wasted minutes they’ll never get back—and to that end, if your content is a drag, they’ll forevermore pass over your name on the SERP, no matter what lofty position you achieve.

Don’t publish mediocre work. And definitely don’t put up with a content provider who sends you work that doesn’t hit the bullseye every time. There’s really no excuse for that—if your content partner can’t get it right, sack ‘em, and come on over to our little slice of paradise. The writers on our roster are well-versed in the Ways of the Blog. They know their way around engaging metas, irresistible intros, well-organized sections with optimized headings, and accurate, actionable info from top to bottom. They have a knack for nailing voice and vibe and making it worth your reader’s while to stick around till the very end.

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