What is a Creative Content Agency?

What is a Creative Content Agency?


There are all sorts of marketing agencies today designed to help businesses build their brand identity and successfully sell their products or services. A creative content agency is one of them, but unlike general marketing firms that may offer a broad range of advertising and marketing solutions, a creative content agency focuses primarily on high quality content creation.

Quality content provides the bedrock for a company’s online presence. Without high quality content driven by a sophisticated content strategy, businesses will find it tough to improve their page rank with the search engines or achieve their marketing goals. A content marketing agency partners with businesses to develop the brand’s story, its meaningful content, and effective content that’s optimized for search engines.

Types of Creative Agencies


Today, businesses can find a service digital marketing agency that may specialize in social media marketing, marketing strategy, full service marketing campaigns, or specific content marketing that involves any type of content (i.e. landing pages, blogs, social media, web content, etc…). At Stretch Creative, for example, by focusing exclusively on content marketing and strategy, we’re a one stop shop for all content needs. However, a full service marketing agency may offer content development, but it may lack the refined focus that a content agency boasts.

Here are the basic types of creative marketing firms you can expect to find working to support businesses today:

Full Service Marketing Firm


A full service creative agency offers just what you’d expect--everything. These are generalists. While this type of marketing agency might offer content marketing services, they also tend to provide account management, public relations solutions, advertising, website development, SEO solutions, and more.

Marketing Agency


A marketing agency specializes in promoting a company’s products and services. To that end, they tend to offer product research services, marketing strategy, advertising, social media advertising, and more. Its marketers may or may not have professional copywriting experience.

Digital Marketing Agency


A digital marketing agency focuses on online marketing activities. Its marketers will offer similar services to a marketing agency, but with a more narrow focus.

Advertising Agency


An advertising agency focuses on actual advertisements that appear on radio, television, and on the internet. They offer more narrow marketing services as they relate exclusively to advertising a business’s products or services.

While these marketing companies offer services that may be necessary for businesses, they do not specialize in content development to the extent that a content creative agency does. In fact, many of these marketing agencies tend to partner with creative content marketing agencies in order to generate a wide range of content to support their overall marketing efforts.

What Does a Creative Content Agency Do?


Unlike other marketing agencies, a creative content agency focuses more or less exclusively on content production. Think of it like this: would you go to your general medical practitioner if you had a heart condition or would you rather obtain more specialized, expert care for your heart from a cardiologist? Sure, a service digital marketing agency may offer some content strategy and content development services, but they don’t have a copywriting team that specializes or works solely in content production, which is why, especially when substantial SEO content is needed, these marketing firms will scout around to partner with marketing and media agencies that are content experts.

Creative content marketing agencies are not all alike, of course, but they do focus on content, generating it in one way or another. Some creative content agencies might contract with a wide array of freelance writers to produce general website and online content for a wide range of business types and products. Stretch Creative, on the other hand, features a hand-selected creative group that produces storytelling content, brand-specific content, and business content that is strategically aligned with clients' marketing goals and search engine optimization needs.

Stretch Creative features content specialists who are able to provide original, dynamic content for:

  • Business / organization websites
  • Business blogs
  • Product descriptions
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Social media marketing campaigns / social media platform content
  • White papers / ebooks
  • Press releases and more

Today, content marketing is a cornerstone of a business’s online marketing campaign. The talented group at Stretch can create content with a company’s target audience and content strategy in mind.

Experience Matters


When it comes to top-notch content, experience does matter. Stretch is a content agency that features a group of professional writers and content marketing specialists who have worked in the field for years. Its writers have a proven track record of success. Furthermore, Stretch makes a point to pair writers with specific business sector experience with business clients that can benefit from the writers’ industry knowledge, skill sets, and knowledge of the business sector's audience.

The team at Stretch is also adept at quickly and seamlessly integrating with a business’s own creative team or management to learn about its unique brand identities, its brand stories, target audience, and its overarching marketing goals. This helps them create world class content at scale that performs. Our experienced writers have the expertise to deliver content that achieves real results that can be measured, making for a high value return on investment.

What Should I Look for in a Creative Content Agency?


If your company is planning content marketing campaigns, need to develop a writing strategy, need content that’s optimized for search engines, or want to develop quality content for your website or other key areas of your online identity and distribution plans, you need a content marketing firm that can create all of the content you need to drive your success. Stretch can support your sales strategies with our brand specific content creation, effective development process, and group of expert writers.

We invite you to get to know our account and project managers and discuss your content needs. We're easy to work with and enjoy what we do. We love to build successful relationships with our clients. After working with Stretch, you'll see why we have earned our reputation for outstanding quality work.

Content Agency FAQs

Do creative content agencies help with creating a content marketing strategy?


Unfortunately, not every content agency offer services like content marketing strategy development. This can lead to the delivery of content that’s largely disjointed from the business’s marketing goals, target audience, its own creative team, and even its business sector. One of the reasons that Stretch Creative has developed a strategy development process is to ensure that clients and writers always remain on the same page; this leads to finely crafted content that performs according to the most specific metrics and analytics. In short, we produce creative content that brims with brand identity, but also conveys brand storytelling that’s consistent across all of the company’s content in order to generate customer loyalty and sales.

Where should I look when hiring creative content marketing agencies?


This is going to sound like blatant advertising--but look no further than Stretch Creative. Seriously. We have a team of talented creatives who are professional writers with a demonstrable working knowledge of SEO content and content marketing techniques that drive results. We’re a boutique content creation agency that was founded by industry pros. While the agency is a new content creation firm on the block, its CEO is a content marketing pro who has gathered the best writers he’s collaborated with over the last 10 years and more.

Collectively, our creative content agency has a ‘keen eye’ for creating the superior content that clients need to drive their business and promote their online presence successfully. How do we prove it? The successful results are in the analytics. You can literally see that our content and strategies perform to attract your customers and promote sales.

Are Creative Content Agencies Expensive?


If you contract with a content marketing firm that contracts with English-as-a-second-language copywriters who charge a penny per word, you can expect a more affordable price tag for your marketing content than if you contract with a world class creative content agency firm like Stretch. We’re not the highest priced firm or the lowest; however, we do believe in paying our professional, degreed writers their worth. Our writers are our product--it’s through their work that we’re able to deliver the valuable content our clients need to improve their sales--and bottom line.

What is the best creative content agency for high quality content?


We’re not shy when it comes to our worth; Stretch Creative is the best content development agency working in the industry today. We’re able to scale up or down content development projects whether you're in need of business blogs, social media campaigns, website content, and more. We feature a team of dynamic writers with years of professional copywriting experience and branding expertise who are eager to craft and share your company's best stories, unique branding, company culture, project vision, distribution strategies, and more. We offer custom content--no cookie-cutter fluff--that is strategically tailored to each clients’ needs, their customers, and their digital marketing campaigns.

If your company needs content to promote its business brand, its products, stories, or service, contact Stretch Creative. We can discuss our solutions as they specifically apply to your needs.


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