Why should you outsource content writing?

Great content takes time to write, research, and promote. Because the professional content writing process demands careful management, many businesses are choosing to outsource content writing to agencies that specialize in content creation. Although some companies employ in house writers, the demand for high quality content writing is often greater than a business can tackle on a routine basis. When you outsource content writing to a professional content writing agency, you can ensure that your content marketing strategy is fulfilled by professional writers who create content designed with performance metrics and SEO in mind.

Good Writing Takes Time

Professional content creation is a process. It requires careful research, talented writers, the actual content writing (that’s aligned with the company’s content writing strategy), and editing. For most content creation projects, a content manager is needed to coordinate freelance writers and ensure that the process runs smoothly for each piece of content writing. This all takes time, which many internal employees at businesses don’t have even if they happen to be potential writers. But these are only some of the reasons why companies today are choosing content outsourcing.

You Want to Achieve Your Content Marketing Goals

Content writing should help you market your business to boost brand visibility and generate more traffic to your website. Is your current content writing doing that? Have you measured the writing using analytics to see how it’s performing and where it may be missing the mark? Content creation is a big job that many small in house teams can’t perform on a regular basis. That’s why companies from service to industrial sectors are choosing to outsource content writing to content agencies or content writing studios firms who contract with experienced freelance writers to develop high quality content.

Outsourcing Content Writing Gives You Access to Subject Matter Experts

To create quality content for your target audience, you need writers who can engage, deliver SEO-friendly writing, promote your business effectively, and, here’s a great idea, know what they’re talking about! Facts matter. Poorly written content that’s not only unprofessionally written by factually deficient can diminish your search engine ranking.

When you outsource content writing to an agency like Stretch Creative, you can work with a team of subject matter experts who will create your brand-specific content in keeping with your industry’s standards. Whether you need content writing services for social media management, your web pages, or a blog post, you want to ensure that it’s authoritative. For that, you need freelance writers who are knowledgeable about your specific field. Stretch features specialist writers with industry knowledge. Not all content writing firms feature these types of select writers and services, but we find that it provides a winning differential when it comes to successful content creation.

When You Outsource Content Writing You Can Scale Faster

One writer on your marketing team isn’t enough to produce the high volume content creation you need to achieve enterprise-level results. However, a team of freelance writing specialists producing writing according to your content strategy will allow you to publish more quickly. Of course, each business may need a different amount of content depending on their content marketing strategy. Fortunately, when you outsource content writing to Stretch Creative, your projects are completely scalable. You can ramp up your content writing needs or scale them back, quickly and easily.

Stretch Creative for World-Class Content Writing

Stretch Creative specializes in content creation. We are a boutique content development firm with teams of subject matter specialists and experienced professional writers. We partner with each client to develop content that embodies their brand voice, is aligned with their strategic marketing goals and is poised to boost leads and conversions. Content creation--it's our strong suit.

Outsourcing is no longer a ‘dirty word’ in the marketing field. Your business is likely already used to outsourcing many professional services ranging from legal advice to accounting. There comes a point when you have to demand expertise. That’s why businesses–even your competitors–are outsourcing their content writing.

Get in touch with an account manager at Stretch to discuss your content creation needs. Let us help you fulfil your content marketing strategy with custom quality content. Reach your target audience with our dynamic content writing services. We specialize in all types of content forms. Whether you need a blog post, articles content production, white papers, web content, or Ebooks. We can provide all the marketing content you need to grow your business.

Outsource Content Writing FAQs

What is the meaning of content creation?

Content creation refers to the development of content or, more specifically, the writing that makes up your company’s web pages, landing pages, blog posts, social media posts, press releases, product descriptions, etc…Freelance writers at Stretch develop this content in accordance with each client’s unique content writing strategy. Outsourcing content marketing should supply you with all the content creation services you need to achieve your content marketing goals.

What types of content should you outsource?

That depends on your own company’s internal content creation capabilities. Some companies outsource all their content. Stretch Creative is able to supply businesses with all the content they need to effectively market their business. However, some businesses ask us to only create articles or product descriptions. We’re scalable, so we can take on small or high volume content creation projects as needed.

Should you outsource your content writing?

Unless you can produce original high quality content on a routine basis that satisfies your SEO needs and can achieve your continent marketing goals, you should hire a professional content writing firm. Outsource a blog post or hundreds of them. Stretch can fulfill all your content writing needs for fair, upfront pricing. When you outsource content writers from us, you can rely on their quality work for as long as you need to.

Do outsourced writers replace in house writers?

Stretch Creative’s writers often work closely with our client’s in house writers and marketing specialists. One of our strengths is how well we’re able to integrate with companies’ in house teams. We’re able to mesh quickly with your marketing department to create content quickly.

Do Outsource Content Writing Firms Hire Freelance Writers?

The short answer is yes. However, many of today’s outsourced content creation agencies contract with largely anonymous freelance writers. They don’t know their writers; they don’t take time to get to know their writers. This means they have very little idea about their freelancers’ credentials or special talents.

That’s not the case with Stretch. We have a virtually hand-selected team of content creation writers. These writers have already made their mark on the content industry through their years of experience. That’s why we’re able to say with confidence that we can provide the best outsourced content writing for our clients.

Can I Post Outsourced Content Writing as My Own Content?

Once you pay for your content, it’s yours. It belongs to you. You own the full rights to the writing. You can publish it as is. You can alter it. You can sign your company’s name to it. In other words, any content writing your purchase from us becomes your own content.


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