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Product Descriptions

Product copy is perhaps the most underrated bit of content on the Internet. We see so many brands with a sparkling website that positively oozes personality—until you get to the product pages. Then, it’s all boring vendor copy or tiresome cliches that feel like an afterthought and lack the warmth and conspiratorial tone that make a buyer feel like they’re getting something truly special. We’ll create original product copy that jibes with your vibe and speaks directly to your particular flavor of consumer. Whether you need a few seasonal descriptions or huge volumes of them, we’ll curate a team of experienced product writers who know how to sell.

Product Listing Pages

No matter what you call them—product category pages, bottom copy, or PLPs—these valuable bits of real estate can drive conversions if you do them up right. But if the content doesn’t provide value to the hungry consumers who take the time to read it, they’ll quickly lose interest and bolt. Keywords are important, yes, but more so is informing readers about the category in a thoughtful and compelling way that helps them choose the best solution to a problem. We dig deep to provide your readers with helpful, actionable information that positions you as the expert, inspires trust, and spurs further exploration of the category. 

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