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SEO is a moving target, and social trends and consumer sensibilities are ever-changing and ever-evolving. If your content languishes online for too long without a quick fluffing-up here and there, it’s bound to go stale—and some of it’s probably going to feel tone-deaf, old-fashioned, or dowdy. Even if it’s not “SEO content,” its antiquated verbiage, outdated references, and moth-eaten appearance are going to inspire anything but trust that your brand has its finger on the pulse of the latest trends in whatever it is you do.

So if you have outdated, off-brand, and poorly optimized content loafing around on your site making you look bad, Stretch Creative can help. One or more of our writer-editor-optimizer experts will head into the stacks, blow the dust off those deadbeat denizens, and pamper them into pieces you’ll be proud of. We’ll update the information, shore up the keywords, optimize the headings, and harmonize the tone and voice with your current brand guidelines. We’ll even swap out tired, old images for fresher, more relevant ones. Hello, new you!

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