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Words are powerful—far more powerful than sticks and stones, contrary to popular belief. The unwieldy wielding of words can make or break your sales strategy. Dull words will bore them right back to the search page. Careless may words easily offend, sending them off in search of a hot shower. Overdo the enthusiasm, and they’ll fancy you a purveyor of snake oil. Underdo the empathy, and they won’t much care for you, either. Sales copywriting—whether for Google Ads or site banners, email campaigns or social media blitzes—is a precarious ballet, and any misstep will break the trance.

Just as every archer can’t master a bullseye, not every writer has the chops to nail the target with words—the best words—arranged just so, with precision and flow. It takes a sharp wit, a clever tongue, a rhythmic ear, and a nose that could sniff out the fascinating story behind a hex bolt if it needed to. Our cohort of sales copy superheroes know how to read a room and discern what the audience needs to hear to nudge them closer to the checkout line. They empathize, conceptualize, poeticize, incentivize, organize, and optimize—and sales materialize.

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